Art+Movement+Live Music workshop 3

This time we added a new element to our Art+Movement event: live music. Saskia Lankhoorn, an amazing pianist, was the connecting thread throughout the workshop. 1. The kids started with a warm-up, visually expressing their emotions on a sheet of paper, while reacting to the live piano music. 2. On a long paper roll hanging on the wall, they interpreted different ‘moods’ of music that Saskia had prepared for them, expressing notions of horizon/landscape, bright light, water drops, angry and sad, etc. 3. Our next exercise was performed on two very large sheets of paper on the floor. Using circular movements, the kids created floral and mandala-inspired compositions. 4. We finished off by drawing outlines of our bodies on another paper roll hung on the wall. It was interesting to see the individual characters and creativity of the children. Through the drawing or movement, they expressed their emotions and sometimes they were simply captivated by Saskia’s hands playing the piano.