Gallery: Movement/Dance

Dance 3: Dream
Anything can happen in a dream and in our imagination! We played with colours/emotions to express what is inside or outside

Dance 2: Skin / creative stories
We talked about the skin, our biggest organ. We tried to sense the air around us and to feel the

Dance 1: Breathing/moving sculptures
We talked about the importance of breathing and the organs involved in it. Kids tried consciously to breathe with their

Dance 10: Open class
Warm-up with the ‘ABC’ game (A=armen B=benen C=circles, etc.) and reviews of the previous classes. The kids worked on their

Dance 8: Solo and group
The kids chose an object that inspired them to create a simple dance solo for themselves. Not everyone felt comfortable

Dance 6: Head and Senses
We explored the concept of the head, our magic box, with the skull protecting the brain as if it’s a

Dance 4: Hands and Feet
Hands and feet are our extremities, they connect us with the outside world, with the ground and the air around

Dance 2: The spine
A fun and inspiring first class in the new space. The class was divided into groups: 1. Science: the kids

Dance 7: Bodily expression
Favourite warm-up: the kids enjoyed guiding the group and were given room to invent, move and express themselves freely, using

Dance 5: Different aspects of movement and rhythm
Another colourful, creative and joyful dance class. After our usual warm-up, the kids tried to create their own rhythms and

Dance 3: Balance/off-balance
We started and finished the class lying down still on the floor and becoming conscious of our body and our

Dance 1: Lead/follow, action/rest, group/solo
A really nice start to our new Kids Atelier course. The children recognised the difference between being fully in action