The nature of children lies in spontaneity and freedom, and these qualities should be maintained and supported for the future child and adult too. With this in mind, we’ve developed a unique program that offers children two activities they love in one:

Option A: Visual art classes with Johanna Bilak focus on art techniques such as drawing, painting, collage or clay modelling, which could find their use in illustrations, on T-shirts, small books, simple animations or graphic works with letters and text. During the creative process the emphasis is placed on concentration, stimulation of the children’s imagination and self-expression.

Option D: Dance/movement classes with Valentina Scaglia allow children to discover and be aware of their body through movement and dance. They are given some tools to help them feel and dance from the inside out and to develop their creative, expressive movement while experimenting with rhythm, music, space and of course their body. There is a mix of structured and postural exercises with more fluid and expressive movement.
This way children are given the opportunity to choose between three modules:

A: Visual art classes (with Johanna Bilak) on Thursdays four times a month
D: Dance/movement classes (with Valentina Scaglia) on Thursdays twice a month or
A + D: Combination of 5 Visual Art + 5 Dance/movement classes alternating on Thursdays four times a month aiming to bring balance between freedom of expression and maintaining focus on the creative process.

You can find out more about our previous classes in the Gallery.

On Thursdays from 3:45pm–5:30pm
Art: Koningsplein 12, Den Haag (tram 3, 11, 16)
Dance: Korzo theater, Prinsestraat 42, Den Haag

You can sign your child up for a series of 5 or 10 classes each time.

The cost for Visual art classes is 170€ per set of 10 classes. Tryout class (17€).
The cost for Dance/movement classes is 150€ per set of 10 classes. Tryout class (15€).

Group of max. 8–10 children.
Language: Dutch and English

Download subscription form: Subscription form EN-june2018.pdf

Art & movement workshop (20-10-2016)