Gallery: Course #2

Art+Movement workshop 2
A special art-movemment workshop and celebration of our last class in the old studio of Johanna. We all enjoyed the combination of fun, concentration and creativity. It

Art 10: Colourful zoo/soft pastel
We painted our clay animals, which had passed through the firing process in the meantime. In the second part of

Dance 9: Playing with shadows
The lids had a very creative and fun time. They loved playing with light and shadows, their own and those

Art 8: Clay animals
Children chose from a range of animal pictures: rabbit, elephant, horse, turtle, crocodile, bear or birds. We started by drawing

Dance 7: Body connections (myself/others)
The kids loved exploring different ways in which they could connect with each other, and they had fun creating new

Art 6: Picasso-inspired portraits/carnival masks
To stimulate our imagination, we looked at Picasso’s portraits from his Cubism period; we also used a collage technique that

Dance 5: Observe without your eyes (reality/fantasy)
With a blindfold over their eyes, the kids were helped by their friends around the studio to feel what a

Art 4: Observing a still-life
As a warm-up exercise we freely drew to music while using different pencil grades and pressures in order to create

Dance 3: The body as an instrument (body percussion)
A very playful and musical lesson. We warmed up our body, trying to create different rhythms by clapping, stepping, using

Art 2: Symbolic ink
During our first art session we went freestyle, playing with black ink and water on aquarelle paper, exploring contrast between

Dance 1: The human body
Together with the kids we discussed the important parts of the body, and how they work together and allow it