Gallery: Course #3

Art 8: Printing patterns
In the last class before the summer break we made graphic art inspired by Escher (the Dutch artist who worked

Dance 7: Bodily expression
Favourite warm-up: the kids enjoyed guiding the group and were given room to invent, move and express themselves freely, using

Art 6: Escher’s museum visit
We thought it would be nice to get some inspiration from Mr. M.C. Escher. ‘Escher in Het Paleis’ museum is

Dance 5: Different aspects of movement and rhythm
Another colourful, creative and joyful dance class. After our usual warm-up, the kids tried to create their own rhythms and

Drawing flowers with a 4-year-old
I was sitting next to Noemi, and we were observing a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Choosing to draw each flower

Art 4: Plein air drawing
The weather was ideal for drawing outdoors in the nearby park. Children could choose their subject of interest (jungle gym,

Dance 3: Balance/off-balance
We started and finished the class lying down still on the floor and becoming conscious of our body and our

Art 2: Inventing a machine/fantasy exercise
The sun was shining during our first art class in the new studio. We were first looking at an example

Dance 1: Lead/follow, action/rest, group/solo
A really nice start to our new Kids Atelier course. The children recognised the difference between being fully in action