Art 8: Animation session 1

(Group A) What we have been dreaming about has finally happened! During these two sessions we teamed up with my friend Odeta to prepare an introductory animation workshop for our children. First, we learned some basics about stop-motion animation, and then we chose paper cut-out animation as our technique. Initially, we invented our main characters and imagined them in a story. After this, we drew them in black pencil, coloured them in with markers and cut them out. We focused on eyes, mouth and hair as a way of expressing emotion. Some children chose to make short animations about themselves, while others made them about spaceships or their favourite animals. We were astonished to see everybody, including the very young children, embracing these techniques with lots of excitement and with ease, in a rather short time. These results are the very first attempts, which will become better and better if we continue practising.

Group A: (17-05-18): YouTube Playlist Animation A
Group B: (24-05-18): YouTube Playlist Animation B