Gallery: Visual Art

Art 5: Cardboard fantasy animals
(Group A) We took advantage of old packaging material that had accumulated in our studio:-) It was also a good

Art 4: Study of flowers
(Group B) We worked together with our guest teacher Manuela Bianco, who specialises in drawing flowers using a blue pen

Art 3: Still-life with a blueprint fabric
(Group A) We focused on drawing and painting a still-life with a distinctive patterned tablecloth (a Slovak traditional blueprint fabric).

Art 2: Self-portrait
—Observe your face in the mirror, notice its main features, emotions, colours and also background. —Paint the self-portrait as large

Art 1: Writing/drawing own story
In this session we stimulated our storytelling and writing skills along with drawing and illustrating. We took advantage of our

Art 9: Book illustration
For this art class I asked the children to bring their favourite books and to select a short piece of

Art: Masks & T-shirts
Before the autumn holidays, we had painted clay masks (that had been fired in a ceramic workshop in the meantime).

Art 5: Clay facial masks
For inspiration we looked at the tribal art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, especially at their facial masks. We

‘Circus met een Kroontje’ festival
In September we took part in the ‘Circus met een Kroontje’ festival at the Koningsplein. The children who came to

Art 3: Expressive flowers
We worked together with the artist and painter Barbara Rink. She set a couple of goals for the children to

Art 1: Meet a new friend, paint her/his portrait
First we learned some basics about how to draw a portrait, and then we observed the face of a friend

Art 8: Printing patterns
In the last class before the summer break we made graphic art inspired by Escher (the Dutch artist who worked