Gallery: Visual Art

Art 6: Escher’s museum visit
We thought it would be nice to get some inspiration from Mr. M.C. Escher. ‘Escher in Het Paleis’ museum is

Drawing flowers with a 4-year-old
I was sitting next to Noemi, and we were observing a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Choosing to draw each flower

Art 4: Plein air drawing
The weather was ideal for drawing outdoors in the nearby park. Children could choose their subject of interest (jungle gym,

Art 2: Inventing a machine/fantasy exercise
The sun was shining during our first art class in the new studio. We were first looking at an example

Art 10: Colourful zoo/soft pastel
We painted our clay animals, which had passed through the firing process in the meantime. In the second part of

Art 8: Clay animals
Children chose from a range of animal pictures: rabbit, elephant, horse, turtle, crocodile, bear or birds. We started by drawing

Art 6: Picasso-inspired portraits/carnival masks
To stimulate our imagination, we looked at Picasso’s portraits from his Cubism period; we also used a collage technique that

Art 4: Observing a still-life
As a warm-up exercise we freely drew to music while using different pencil grades and pressures in order to create

Art 2: Symbolic ink
During our first art session we went freestyle, playing with black ink and water on aquarelle paper, exploring contrast between

9. 3D letters study
Children from our group seemed to be naturally interested in drawing 3D letter shapes so we went on to study

7. Butterflies
The butterfly theme gave us the freedom to spread our arms and draw with both hands big symmetrical wings on

5. Kandinsky’s circles
The inspiration for this class came from Wassily Kandinsky: squares with concentric circles / colour theory / colour mixing /