Gallery: Course #1

10. Body alphabet
After the last art class where kids were working with 3D letters on paper, we decided to create an alphabet

9. 3D letters study
Children from our group seemed to be naturally interested in drawing 3D letter shapes so we went on to study

8. Dance in Art / Art in Dance
Following the previous art classes we became inspired by shapes: we let our body experience round and smooth movements (Kandinsky)

Art+Movement workshop 1
Autumn holidays special workshop where children were free to express themselves through both drawing and movement. During all exercises music

7. Butterflies
The butterfly theme gave us the freedom to spread our arms and draw with both hands big symmetrical wings on

6. Dancing emotions
Our dance class was inspired by emotions and colors. How can we express different feelings through movement? Fear, happiness, sadness,

5. Kandinsky’s circles
The inspiration for this class came from Wassily Kandinsky: squares with concentric circles / colour theory / colour mixing /

4. Dancing five senses
Watching the kids playing before the class inspired the direction of the lesson. We made a game of swapping roles

3. Figure study
Inspired by the previous dance class, we took the children’s favourite dance pose and drew that particular ballet pose on

2. Choreography
We’ve started to move freely in the space to get to know each other, getting out of our comfort zone

1. Portrait & self-portrait
We said hi to our new friends by observing their faces, looking at their proportions and facial expressions. Faces also