Gallery: Course #4

Art+Movement+Live Music workshop 3
This time we added a new element to our Art+Movement event: live music. Saskia Lankhoorn, an amazing pianist, was the

Dance 10: Open class
Warm-up with the ‘ABC’ game (A=armen B=benen C=circles, etc.) and reviews of the previous classes. The kids worked on their

Art 9: Book illustration
For this art class I asked the children to bring their favourite books and to select a short piece of

Dance 8: Solo and group
The kids chose an object that inspired them to create a simple dance solo for themselves. Not everyone felt comfortable

Art: Masks & T-shirts
Before the autumn holidays, we had painted clay masks (that had been fired in a ceramic workshop in the meantime).

Dance 6: Head and Senses
We explored the concept of the head, our magic box, with the skull protecting the brain as if it’s a

Art 5: Clay facial masks
For inspiration we looked at the tribal art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, especially at their facial masks. We

‘Circus met een Kroontje’ festival
In September we took part in the ‘Circus met een Kroontje’ festival at the Koningsplein. The children who came to

Dance 2: The spine
A fun and inspiring first class in the new space. The class was divided into groups: 1. Science: the kids

Art 1: Meet a new friend, paint her/his portrait
First we learned some basics about how to draw a portrait, and then we observed the face of a friend