Art 5: Cardboard fantasy animals
(Group A) We took advantage of old packaging material that had accumulated in our studio:-) It was also a good

Art 4: Study of flowers
(Group B) We worked together with our guest teacher Manuela Bianco, who specialises in drawing flowers using a blue pen

Dance 3: Dream
Anything can happen in a dream and in our imagination! We played with colours/emotions to express what is inside or outside

Art 3: Still-life with a blueprint fabric
(Group A) We focused on drawing and painting a still-life with a distinctive patterned tablecloth (a Slovak traditional blueprint fabric).

Dance 2: Skin / creative stories
We talked about the skin, our biggest organ. We tried to sense the air around us and to feel the

Art 2: Self-portrait
—Observe your face in the mirror, notice its main features, emotions, colours and also background. —Paint the self-portrait as large

Dance 1: Breathing/moving sculptures
We talked about the importance of breathing and the organs involved in it. Kids tried consciously to breathe with their

Art 1: Writing/drawing own story
In this session we stimulated our storytelling and writing skills along with drawing and illustrating. We took advantage of our

Art+Movement+Live Music workshop 3
This time we added a new element to our Art+Movement event: live music. Saskia Lankhoorn, an amazing pianist, was the

Dance 10: Open class
Warm-up with the ‘ABC’ game (A=armen B=benen C=circles, etc.) and reviews of the previous classes. The kids worked on their

Art 9: Book illustration
For this art class I asked the children to bring their favourite books and to select a short piece of

Dance 8: Solo and group
The kids chose an object that inspired them to create a simple dance solo for themselves. Not everyone felt comfortable